In Canada

Canadian Association of Instructional Designers – ACCP-CAID: Offering certification.

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education – CNIE-RCIE: Memberships, conference, awards, publications.

Educational Technology Users Group – ETUG: a grassroots group of BC educators, interested in teaching, learning and ed tech in higher ed with an active Slack group.

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – STLHE: Memberships, conference, awards, publications.


In the USA

The International Society for Technology in Education – ISTE: with international membership and a robust set of standards for the adoption of technology in education.

The Educause Institute: with programs in ed tech management and leadership.


In the UK

The Association for Learning Technology – ALT: offering certified membership (CMALT).

Higher Education Academy: offering a fellowship program that vouches for members’ capabilities.


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