Welcome to the MET Community site, linking you to the social infrastructure of UBC’s Master of Educational Technology (MET) virtual community. Like any students’ union building or grad house, this multipurpose space is intended as a one-stop hub for anyone interested in participating in the diverse activities and discussions linked with the MET graduate program.

UBC’s MET program was founded in 2002, one of the first wholly online graduate programs in educational technology in Canada, an early global leader in the field, and today one of the most respected educational technology graduate programs in the world, drawing students from more than 40 countries. If you are a prospective student, check out the official MET site for more information about the degree and certificate programs, classes offered, and how to apply.

If you are a current or former MET student or faculty, or if you are in some other way associated with the program, you can follow the links on the left to join any of our member-based social networks to get plugged in and active in our ongoing conversation about the evolving world of educational technology.

And if you are not affiliated with the MET program but are interested in joining the conversation, there are still ways for you to get involved, and more plans for public offerings in the works. For now, follow us on Twitter, both the official MET Twitterfeed and the MET Social Lab feed, and check back here soon for a planned public discussion forum exploring Ed Tech Tools.

Be a part of the MET community! If you have ideas for how to improve this site or for potential community activities or efforts, please share them with us on our ideas page.

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